CNC - Warrior

CNC - Warrior

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- Designed for functionality and looks.

- Front and rear serrations offer substantially more traction when handling slide.

- Slide lightening window cuts drastically reduce slide weight without the need of an upgraded recoil spring.

- Top serrations or no window options are available. Design specifications must be indicated on order form otherwise slide will be cut with 1 top window and 1 side window on each side.

- Turnaround time is approximately 4 weeks from the time the slide is received.

- Distressed and camouflage finishes are both done using Cerakote.

- PVD (physical vapor deposition) options available are TIN, ZrN, Altin, Tialn and Ticn. They are available in a variety of color options. PVD coating on average will add an additional 2 weeks to the turnaround time.

- Optic cuts can be done to fit most popular sights on the market. SG Armory dust covers are available for RMR and Viper cuts only. Please email us at with specific questions about your project. *some electronic sights must be sent in with the slide to ensure proper fit.

- Once an order is placed an order form will be sent via email to the address provided upon checkout, please fill order form entirely and ship with item to:

SG Armory 8834 E Abrams Loop, Tucson, AZ, 85710

- Items will be returned with standard USPS insurance and no signature required. If any additional insurance is desired or a different shipping company is wanted it must be purchased at checkout.

- Design can be done to the following Glock model pistols: G19 G22 G23 G17 G34 G35.

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